The Mechanics of SEO


The singular purpose of SEO is not only to make your website rise at the top of Google’s rankings, but to make it stay there!


Niche search terms


Using our advanced SEO tools, we can ascertain the number of people searching for certain kinds of phrases on a monthly level. We can determine the attainable niche terms which are particular to your business website, and which will achieve boosted traffic for it.


We have developed a highly advanced localized database which enables us to perform a back-analysis on not only your websites, but also your competitors’ sites. We use this all-important tool to analyze and determine the level of optimization for these websites.


On-page optimization is term used to describe the changes made to your website. Off-page optimization is another phrase which describes the optimization of videos, blogs, social media, forums and web links. We will optimize your site configuration in order to improve your site’s profile on Google on a monthly basis.


Onpage Optimization


Onpage optimization can be swiftly established during the initial period of your SEO campaign. It accounts for 25%-30% of the SEO process. In order to achieve onpage optimization, our team of SEO content writers and copywriters will need to edit the text, as well as other variables within your website. Of course, all changes we make will be finalized upon your approval.


Offpage Optimization


Offpage optimization is responsible for a larger 70%-75% of the SEO campaign. It acts as a foundation for 99% of the monthly in-progress SEO work on your website. In practice, when someone prefers a popular website and mentions it in a blog or forum, then he/she will also add a link in the content. When Google detects that link, it computes it as a “vote” for that particular website. However, using too many “votes” is not regarded as a favorable practice by Google and it can penalize the user. Google has a standard for the optimal number of links added for each industry, which helps in promoting a healthy, normal growth profile for any website in any industry. Crossing the limit of adding links will result in fines imposed by Google. Hence arises the term “optimal rate,” which actually means finding the normal rate of links that can be added for any industry, without violating Google’s standard rates. Our team engages itself upon adding hundreds of links on a weekly level, and in turn, establishing a balanced monthly amount of added links that can be termed favorable and viewed upon as organic promotion by Google. Google prefers websites to link popular websites and if your website shows an optimal rate of added links, it will surely keep moving to the top of search rankings itself.


An ongoing process


Upon achieving first page rankings or even top-of-the-page results, you must keep going on, by adding links at the required optimal rates in order to stay ahead of the competition. Our ever vigilant SEO team will assure that you keep moving upwards, or stay there once you get there.


Organic listings vs. Google Adwords


Google adwords requires you to pay money to stay at top of the rankings. As others increase their bid amounts, you will have to increase yours to retaliate, in order to maintain or further boost your website traffic. This however can have a negative (an ultimately, a destructive) impact on your profit margins.


However, we employ our SEO campaigning techniques based upon organic listings, or natural listings. These organic results form the main results of the search page and the ones that are most clicked upon. According to statistics, almost 90% of the clicks made by searchers are upon the organic listings, as compared to Google adwords listing. And the best part is that you do not have to pay extra for these clicks other than the amount you paid us for promoting and running your SEO campaign. The results are obvious – higher rankings, as well as a vastly improved ROI (Return on Investment).