Social Media


Writing, running and maintaining a social media platform requires time, effort and money. We can provide you our team of experienced and accomplished writers to write fresh and engaging social media content and keep the flow of your social media feeds running consistently and up-to-the-minute. And what more, we will provide you with this service at only a part of the cost you will need to pay, if you were to hire a writer, or team of writers, to do so.


What is Social Media Marketing Service


To put it very simply, Social Media Marketing (SMM) is used to promote and market your product(s) through social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others. SMM is used to boost your online presence and make more people aware of your products and services.


What are the benefits of SMM?


Here are some of the major benefits of running a SMM campaign:


  • A company that regularly updates its social media feed on a daily rate is viewed upon by customers as more professional, reliable and confident of offering superior, high quality products and services, as well as always being available to provide service. These qualities lead to enhanced conversion rates
  • A strong and smartly run SMM campaign is more effective than other conventional forms of advertising, as it gets product information across to customers without excessive repetition of its message
  • If your competitors are slow in adopting a social media marketing campaign, then you can avail this chance and race ahead. However, if you do not have an SMM plan, you will be left behind
  • SMM ascertains a certain, required level of authority for a business, which has a favorable impact on customers. A regularly updated SMM platform that offers product knowledge, facts and customer interaction related to your business field will help gain credibility for your company, in the eyes of customers
  • The more regular your SMM feed is, the more followers you will get. More followers means that more people will be attracted to your SMM feed to see what the interest is all about. This results in even more followers, and hence a more solid and strengthened marketing plan for you to utilize
  • Popular social media marketing platforms as offered by Google, Facebook and Twitter, for e.g., boast literally hundreds of millions of followers, which by itself is a huge potentially available customer base for you to avail. With a small monthly fee, you can now also have access to this massive opportunity to gain more and more customers and vastly improve upon your rate on investment (ROI)
  • Running an SMM campaign allows you to have the advantage of embedding your Twitter and Facebook feeds into your own business website. This frequently changing text will boost your website ratings, as well as attracting more traffic and sales


We can offer you all the advantages noted above for a minimal monthly fee. Our expert team of social media content writers will examine your products and services in great detail and devise the most suitable strategy that employs popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn to promote your brand. Leave it to us to post fresh, interesting and engaging social media content on a regular basis to keep your customers engaged and bring in new business. What more, our writers post content that is not only relevant, but fun and socially interactive as well, in order to gain the interest of an inquisitive crowd of people.